Women's Circle

Womens Circle

Women's Circle now in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

The ancient wise way for women to grow together is now the trend to heal.

Have you been longing for connection, a place to be seen, heard and receive support?

Women's Circle is the answer.

*in person with all safety measures

Yes, I want to experience the magic of Circle

What is a Women's Circle

A Women's Circle is a safe and sacred space for women to come together for transformation, connection, healing and embodiment of their own power and possibilities.

Be seen for who you are!

We hold space for you to share your truth without masks and receive support while you connect with powerful women.

Gain Clarity and Direction.

Every Circle offers you a space to bring your story and stop suffering in silence. You will release the weight that is causing you pain, anxiety and frustration.

Women's Circle is the most ancient way for women to grow and heal together, and now, is the future

Hi, I'm Lucienne. More info on circles coming soon. Contact 248.508.5355

Lucienne is a Systemic Coach and holds a Professional Family Constellations Facilitator Certification from Berth Hellinger Institute New York. Born and raised in Per├║, she earned a degree in California as a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner and Teacher. She is also the founder of EmprendimientoFemenino.com, an online platform for women in their midlife who are seeking a deeper level of healing, fulfillment and and freedom.

Her devotion to teach and heal, has made her build several online Life Transforming programs that have reached more than 46,000 women in 38 countries accross the world.  

Lucienne brings a unique blend of wisdom and knowledge to every workshop and provides a safe and sacred place to heal, transform and reclaim your life force so that each participant can live free from generational suffering. She speaks both in english and spanish. Mystic. Metaphysical. Shamanic.

Circles hold the magic medicine 'you' need and change your life

  • Connect with authentic women 
  • Share your truth  
  • Stop suffering in silence  
  • Release the weight that dims your light and makes you feel stuck and overwhelmed
  • Rebirth. There's a new you wanting to emerge and you can birth it in Circle
  • Cleanse your energy with powerful rituals
  • Attain the peace that comes when you release, connect, share and heal 


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