How is it that with everything that you know, you are still unable to overcome some conditions?

You’ve read the books, attended seminars, started practices like yoga or meditation,  you’ve showed interest in Spirituality and Universal Laws, and you follow inspiring people. Yet, what your soul is seeking seems unattainable. You’ve been seeking answers and ways to break free from old wounds, ups and downs, emotional and mental exhaustion, lack of confidence, and feelings of disconnection. You seek to attain Peace of Mind, Freedom and Total Prosperity, confident that whatever you wish to do and become,  you can do it on your own and nothing in the outside can dim you. There is a knowing inside of you that needs to be understood and activated. 

You’ve been seeking to evolve.

I get you and I feel you.  I’ve been there and I am here to tell you that I know why after the initial euphoria of feeling that things are possible and the best is comming your way, the deep private side that you keep hidden in your subsconscious will bring those old patterns of fear and lack as your natural state of being. But it does not have to continue this way.  If you are here, it is not coincidence. You’ve asked for it and what your are seeking is a clic away.

Freedom and Joy

You know, some life events and painful experiences have been impacting you throughout your life, causing you to feel them as your structure and truth.  But they aren’t your truth. They are still alive because you have not yet learn how to harness your free will and energy to create the magic and the alchemy your soul is seeking to manifest.

The Conscious Attitude is here to teach you, provide you with the Knowledge and tools to Evolve and Transform those areas of your subconscious that hold you unhappy.  Then, everything else will emerge, align, gain speed and fall into place. You are here to express the fullness of you, to adore yourself, to enjoy your life, to be abundant, be happy and be free.

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Lucienne Round Lg

Everything in your life is created within you first. It comes from a powerful Invisible Side we all have. It is your Mind, your Emotional System and your Spiritual Qualities. This is what Ignites your Life from the Inside Out.

In order to change an outside condition, you first need to change the inside condition. Real change happens when you know and fully understand how this Invisible Side of you and life works.

It is only then, that  you activate your Higher Self and allow the Wisdom and Power inside of you to emerge and create a Higher Life.

Lucienne Larrabure, Spiritual and Emotional Teacher | Master Life Coach & Mentor | Founder of The Conscious Attitude | Creator of The Hidden Gifts of Your Story Workshop | Leader of The Life Transforming Movement Marrying MySelf

Are you ready to learn and apply in your own life, the knowledge and skills to Evolve and make a difference in your life?  I can help you make it faster and easier.


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